On the Rise: CBD, Adaptogens, and Nootropics as Supplement Manufacturers Meet Consumer Demand

You may recall our piece on and what they can do for our stress endurance levels. Similar to those of adaptogens, CBD’s holistic effects also include improving how we handle stress. Today, CBD is being hailed by not only scientists, but consumers, as a nootropic that may pair well with adaptogens. To meet consumer demands, dietary supplement manufacturers and CBD supplement manufacturers are finding innovative ways to bring all of the benefits cannabidiol has to offer in terms of stress, anxiety, and mood disorders, to the market.

What Are Nootropics Again?

In short, nootropics are supplements, drugs, and other substances that can improve cognitive function (i.e.: memory, creativity, motivation) in people who are already healthy.

How Is CBD A Nootropic

From stress reduction to focus enhancement, CBD works with how we tackle our daily tasks and handle unforeseen challenges (improving cognitive performance), which arguably makes cannabidiol synonymous with ‘nootropic.’ Specifically, it has been shown to protect brain cells and help with depression, anxiety, sleep, and addiction. So, it’s not exactly like the typical nootropic which pushes the mental processing beyond its natural potential. However, we can consider CBD a relaxing nootropic agent for the mind, calming it for better concentration, better creative flow, and honed memory skills.

One True Pairing?

With CBD framed as a nootropic, it makes sense to combine it with adaptogens. Both are thought to help maintain balance, especially when we are on the brink of burnout. Co-founder of Plant People Gabe Kennedy tells Well and Good, “when stress occurs… our systems become interrupted and our vitality diminishes. Both CBD and adaptogens help mitigate our response to these stressors, making it easier to reach homeostasis and therefore better wellbeing.”


CBD has the ability to fight stress, along with its many side effects, as it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems, all of which are affected by stress. While adaptogens are also thought to affect the ECS, they primarily affect the adrenal system, which plays a huge part in our body’s stress response.

Since CBD and adaptogens are individually helpful when it comes to stress, think of what they could do TOGETHER. Kennedy adds, “the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits of CBD pair synergistically with the immune, adrenal, and stress support of adaptogenic herbs.” Co-founder of Yuyo Botanics Christy Tarleton concurs, “adding adaptogens into your regimen [may allow you to] get more out of your CBD.” For example, if you’re combatting anxiety with CBD, ashwagandha may help you further reduce stress while improving focus. The potential of such couplings is just now being explored… and from the looks of it, the interest will only continue to grow.

The Real OTP

CBD manufacturers and dietary supplement manufacturers must keep up with the trends of the market. We, at Stock CBD Supplements, are seeing an abundance of health-conscious people growing more interested in mental health, and to keep up with the demand, our clients are looking to offer their customers supplements that put them in a better state of mind altogether. Be it quick-acting or night time CBD gummies infused with melatonin, our private label CBD program has never been so occupied. If your next product is on hold due to uncertainty about what is doing well on the CBD market, allow us to share our stories of success. We want your customers to have the best chance at a full life of health and wellbeing as much as you. That’s why it is always best to encourage them to consult a licensed physician before taking any supplements. Herbal experts also warn that people are already going overboard with adaptogenic plants (without the CBD), without completely understanding what they are dealing with.

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