A Perfect Pairing: CBD and Curcumin

Have you thought about all the ways CBD can be manufactured? While most popularly extracted in oil and powder form, CBD can be packaged in forms including capsules, softgels, and gummies. Many enjoy the compound’s benefits in trying to alleviate symptoms of certain conditions, and even more enjoy it in combination with other natural supplements. Prime example: Curcumin.

Mostly grown in southern Asia, turmeric is a plant from the same family as ginger, and is typically processed into powder to be used as a spice. Reaching from arthritis and stomach pains to fatigue and liver problems, turmeric has a lot to offer. Curcumin, the main curcuminoid found in turmeric, is what makes it more effective. When combined, curcumin/turmeric and CBD can offer good health… something we often take for granted.

What Can CBD + Curcumin Do?

The two are natural plant extracts, and your customers may be able to experience their powerful healing effects. CBD and curcumin capsules could be the easiest form of consumption, but there are options to discuss with our CBD experts.



The #1 area CBD has helped from the beginning is inflammatory conditions. Chronic inflammation can lead to prolonged pain and frequent infections, which is not ideal to say the least. The specific combination of CBD and turmeric can help treat that chronic inflammation by boosting immune system activity.


Most of us experience levels of stress we sometimes don’t know how to handle, but CBD does. With CBD’s calming effects and turmeric’s antidepressant agency, your next product could help some 40 million people who suffer from anxiety disorders… and that’s just in the U.S.

Digestive Issues

Turmeric has been known for years as the best natural remedy for digestive conditions. However, only recently has it gained popularity for its potential in reducing IBS symptoms. Turmeric can help intestinal problems, bloated stomach, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and lack of appetite. Did I mention CBD can also help gastrointestinal conditions? The union of turmeric and CBD has the ability to change the lives of so many… all you have to do is facilitate that change by working with us, a highly recognized and trusted CBD contract manufacturer. After all, we are the

Cost Effective

Artificial drugs compared to a natural compound like CBD are usually much more expensive due to modes of production. So, while earning business, you’ll be saving your customers money, and who doesn’t want to save money?!